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Dr Amruta Inamdar
Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy
Westchester, NY

We are committed to providing holistic and evidence-based physical therapy treatments for both men and women in Westchester, New York Area. Our treatments include chronic pelvic pain, pregnancy, and birth recovery for women.

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I began seeing Amruta in November 2019. Prior to beginning working together I was experiencing chronic UTI’s, multiple types of pain during sex, and frequency and leaking with urinating. Throughout the year of working together she has always been encouraging, hopeful, and patient. In the past year I have had one UTI, compared to 1 every month for the past several years before starting PT. I also no longer wake up during the night to use the bathroom, no longer leak while jumping, and am able to enjoy pain free sex. In addition to all of this she has provided amazing education about how my different symptoms were related and how all different parts of our bodies are connected. I can confidently say that Amruta has not only changed my sex life, but my overall life and relationship with my body as well.

LT, 25

Musculoskeletal pain

Are you concerned that your pain symptoms are unresolved eve after multiple sessions for PT?
You will be surprised to know the root cause of your symptoms may be in the pelvic floor. We specialize in treating:
SI joint pain, groin pain, coccyx pain ( tail bone pain), abdominal pain, piriformis pain, low back pain

Bladder AnD Bowel Dysfunction

Issues with urinating or passing stools are referred to as bladder and bowel dysfunction.Bladder and bowel problems often originate with nerve or muscle dysfunction, as these systems control the flow of urine and the release of stool.

Pelvic pain syndrome

Both men and women can experience pelvic pain. The symptoms of pelvic pain are often complex and misunderstood. Perineal or genital pain is commonly associated with pelvic floor muscle dysfunction. Symptoms may preset as pain, numbness, stinging or burning in the perineal area. Pelvic floor physical therapy is immensely helpful when healing from these complex pain symptoms. 

Pre & Post Natal Physical Therapy

Female body undergoes significant changes before, during, and after child birth. We help you regain your pre baby body.We specialize in treating

Low back pain, hip pain , pubic symphysis pain, painful sexual intercourse (dyspareunia), diastasis recti, persistent episiotomy pain, C- section pain.

Amruta is a miracle worker. I began seeing her a year a ago to treat my pelvic floor pain that started after I gave birth by c-section. My pain isnt nearly as bad as it use to be & im thankful that I found her. She is fantastic!!! Knowledgeable & very friendly.

– Elsa. R

Dr. Inamdar is a great doctor. She explained everything she was doing for me, gave me stretches to do at home, and really listened to me. Pelvic pain is such an embarrassing problem; it was freeing to talk to someone who cared and would give me the tools to heal myself. I’m so grateful!

– MN



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